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At 700 Brands we specialize in marketing your business, your brand, your artisT. you!

Our team of web developers, marketing experts, graphic designers and tech support are here to push your brand to the top.


what we do


Web design



We will design a unique website built exclusively for you and your needs. Our team of graphic artists and web developers specialize in creating cutting edge, custom sites that are easy to navigate. Get your product the look and exposure it deserves.

social media


Our Social Media Management will increase your following and increase traffic to your website. We will help you build your brand and broaden your audience. More followers increase brand awareness. More awareness equals more views, which equals more business.

Social Media management
Merchandise and apparel

GIFs, Snapchat Filters,
Images and Promos


We specialize in the design of promotional material for use on Social Media and other platforms. GIFs, Snapchat filters and images are just some of our specialties. Whatever you need promoted, we can create a quick hitting, viral promo to get you the exposure you need.

Merchandise and Apparel


Deliver your brand to your audience with customized apparel and merchandise. Let us help you create, design, and promote your merch. We offer web stores, domestic and international fulfillment, as well as warehousing to meet all your brand’s needs.

Merchandise and apparel

tools we use


Artist Insights
Social Media Apps

Our AI tools can tell you anything you want to know about who is streaming your music, when and where. Learn exactly who your audience is. Find ways to grow audiences you may be missing out on.

AI logo

Pinpoint your marketing target and ways to build your brand with Artist Insights.


We're great listeners. We'd love to hear about your challenges and determine how we can help..